About Us
Air Associates offers the highest customer service and support available and has a proven track record of working on a variety of jobs ranging from small to very large. We pride ourselves in offering competitive prices and establishing and maintaining excellent customer relationships.

Our Comittment To You

• To conduct business with the highest degree of integrity and honesty, while continuing to provide excellent customer support.

• To provide quality products at consistent competitive prices within the HVAC industry.

• To provide a professional interface between the manufactures of quality HVAC equipment and licensed mechanical contractors and engineers.

Our Mission
Our commitments will be accomplished by maintaining quality product offerings consisting of traditional HVAC equipment and energy-saving products. Providing professional capable people and offering the best customer service available. We will coordinate with our suppliers through knowledge, experience, and dedication to our customers.

Support Area
Air Associates represents the Northern California and Bay Area regions for commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC equipment.

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